NEW! Printable Traditional Catholic Monthly Planner~Feast Days/Quotes/Time Slots/Gratitude/Goals & More….


This is a Traditional Catholic printable planner for the month! Set your days in motion having a plan that will help to keep your focus on your daily duties! Featuring the Old Liturgical Catholic Calendar for the year, you will also be able to keep track of the feast days throughout the year so you can plan accordingly!

Here is the link for the monthly printable planners….

A little video (with some jaunty music 😉 )explaining the planner. The script is included below for those who would rather read about it….

We would like our days to run smoother…to focus on our daily duties so that when that time comes for some relaxation and recreation, we know that we have put our best foot forward in sticking to and focusing on running our home with as much precision as possible in the life of a busy wife/mother.

That is what this printable planner is here to help with….

Let me run through it with you.

This is your daily page. On the top of this page is the day and the date. Underneath the date, the feast day will be noted. This planner follows the old liturgical calendar so the feast days will be according to the traditional calendar.

Also, the familiar fish will be added under the date on the days of abstinence.

You will no longer have to run to your calendar on the wall to see what special saint to pray to that day or to make note of an important feast day of the church!

On this daily page is the hourly time slots so you can map out your day. It’s important to be flexible but it is also important to have order. This area is for more scheduled things throughout the day that you want to put a time on…

…like getting up in the morning, starting school, lunch, rosary, appointments,  or just anything else you want to accomplish at a particular time.

If you like the time slots, use them. If you prefer not to use timeslots and just have your duties written down in order then you can use it that way, too.

On the right of these day-to-day pages you will see a space for your daily goals. Here you can write such things that you would like to get to that day but not necessarily a specific time. as spend 15 minutes cleaning fridge, write a note of thanks to someone,

Everyone will have their own daily goals that can vary greatly. But you get the picture.

If you need to use the spot for something different, then do it!

Next is our spiritual goals. The foundation of our day. As you can see I put important things on this checklist. If you have others, you could include that in your daily goals space above also.

And of course, the space for gratefulness. Each day we need to work on having an attitude of gratitude. It really will change our life for the better. And actually writing them down helps, too!

There is a quote included on each page. These quotes are from solid Catholic authors. They reflect knowledge, common sense and timeless wisdom.

All of this is included on each of your daily pages throughout the month.

There are three other pages along with your daily pages..

The first page of each month, what I call the title page has a space for your spiritual intentions for the month. We all have big things that we want to pray for. We can include these things here and offer up all of our prayers works joys and sufferings of the month for these intentions.

We also have a space here for the monthly goals. Bigger things… Like paint the bathroom, say a novena, get to daily mass four times a week, things like that.

This is a great page to kind a wrap our head around the bigger picture for the whole month. Having them there in front of you, writing them down is Definitely an incentive to get them done!

Another page included is a menu plan for the month. I have the dates written in there and just enough space to include dinner which I thought was probably the meal that needs to be planned out the most.

What a difference a meal planner makes! I didn’t include a grocery list because thats something you have to take to the store with you anyway. So you can do that on your own separate piece of paper or on a grocery list app on your phone.

The third page is the homeschooling page for the month with a blank for the students name in the top right hand corner.

There is a space on the left-hand side for your subjects and then across is for each day of the week. You can print out multiples of these papers depending on how many students you have for the year.

Get yourself a pretty three ring binder and a three hole punch and you have yourself a lovely monthly planner! The links for those are in the description below. They are affiliate links, so thank you for your support!

Also, you have the option to print these out in color is you so wish as I did the pages in color.  B & W looks great, too!

A gentle reminder as we go forward planning our month, that people are more important than things… schedules and accomplishments . We need to remain flexible and not get in a tizzy if we didn’t get things done during the day that we had put on our planner.

That being said, these planners/journals can be very helpful in trying to stay focused during our day. When we put our best foot forward, God meets us more than halfway!

So, I wish you joy in planning out your upcoming weeks using your new traditional Catholic daily planner! God bless you and Our Lady guide you.

Here is the link for September.

Here is the link for October.

And a package special for both months is here.

Here are links for some binders: https://amzn.to/3mVY7qb    https://amzn.to/3gPT4Um https://amzn.to/3mVvsS6

Also a link for a 3-hole punch: https://amzn.to/3yyecEH

These are affiliate links. Thank you for your support!

I took mine to the local computer shop and had it spiral bound for less than $3. It lays nice and flat and works perfectly!

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