The Traditional Family Weekend 2022 ~ Videos & A Gallery


We had our annual Traditional Family Weekend in July. Friday of the Family Weekend was supposed to be a soccer match, bonfire, singing and a rosary procession at our parish grounds. But the temperature soared to over 100 degrees so we moved everything to the hall we had booked for Saturday.

The children played in a train area that was set up, the diehards still went outside and played volleyball, we were able to have the singing and the rosary procession as it cooled off a bit and then live music and games.

Besides Friday being moved, the rest of the weekend went off without a hitch. Saturday was the conferences by Father Berg, Games and the Talent Show. Sunday was a breakfast sponsored by our Traditional Knights of Columbus (with all proceeds going to our Kansas for Life Association) and then sports in the park. Thankfully, it had cooled down enough that many showed up for that and ended the weekend with a lot of fun!

I have the videos of some of the Talent Show Acts on Google Drive. The links are posted below if you wish to view them…

These first two are the Fife and Drum Act: Link here and here.     

The Juggling Act with son, Angelo and grandson, Brendan: Link here.

A Mexican Dance: Link here.

Goin’ Courtin’ with daughter, Rosie, Son, Angelo and grandsons Edward, Antonio, Benjamin, Johnny, Nathaniel: Link here.

(Disclaimer: This Act doesn’t necessarily reflect the courtship rules at the VanderPutten household… 😉 )

Irish Music by the McCune Family: Link here.

Whistle a Happy Tune with Father Eichman, Rosie, Hannah, Gemma: Link here.

The Egg: Link here.

The Last Goodbye with the Porter Family: Link here.

The Pony Man Song: Link here.

Ode to a Hero, where Rosie, Hannah and Gemma chide our good parish priest….with Father Eichman’s great talent on the piano: Link here.

Under the Bamboo Tree with daughter, Gemma and Granddaughters, Emma and Juliette: Link here.

Wonderful Violin and Piano Piece with Luis and Raul. Link here.

Below is a gallery of the Family Weekend:

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