We Must Do Everything for the Love of God


An Easy Way to Become a Saint by Fr. Paul O’Sullivan

St. Paul is the great master of the spiritual life. No one can teach us better than he how to become a saint. Here are his very words: “Whatever you do in word or work, do all in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Lest we may think that the Apostle is speaking only of offering our spiritual acts to God, he goes into particulars and says: “Whether you eat or whether you drink, or whatever else you do, do all for Our Lord Jesus Christ.”

There are no acts more material, more necessary, than eating and drinking. Therefore, St. Paul mentions these to show us that we must do everything for the love of God.

Take these words, Dear Reader, as directed to yourself by the Apostle, and you have at once another great secret of sanctity. To do this, it is not necessary to add one iota to your prayers or devotions; you have merely to form the intention of offering your every action for the love of God. This makes your every work meritorious.

All your acts give pleasure and glory to God. It does not matter whether you succeed or fail in your enterprises; your acts have the same merit. Thus, the countless acts of every day are pleasing God and earning for us rewards for all eternity.

On the other hand, if we neglect to follow this rule of the Apostle, all our acts are worthless. We deprive ourselves of wonderful rewards, and we rob God of His glory and pleasure. Think for a moment on the long lives of 50, 60, 70 years, every day of which is full of energy and activities—but all are lost if we do not offer them to God!

Do not think, Dear Reader, that what St. Paul recommends is impracticable or impossible, a thing that only Saints can do. There is no difficulty whatever in offering our acts to God, and there is nothing more consoling, nothing more meritorious. HOW TO GIVE EVERY ACTION THIS INESTIMABLE VALUE

The first act of every good Christian in the morning is to fall on his knees and make his Morning Offering. It can be done in this wise:

“Sacred Heart of Jesus, through the most pure hands of Mary, I offer Thee all the prayers, works and sufferings, all the actions of this day and of all my life, in union with the Masses being offered all over the world, for the intentions of Thy Sacred Heart and for the Apostleship of Prayer. Every breath I draw, every beating of my heart, every glance of my eyes, every step I take, every single act I do, I wish to be an act of love for Thee.”

This little act takes one minute, but it must be done slowly and with full deliberation. We must mean what we say. It is a short act, but it gives immense value to every action.

Our every act, as a consequence, gives glory to God and receives a distinct reward in Heaven. This offering has still more value if, from time to time during the day, we renew it by saying briefly: “All for You, dear Lord.” Who can be so foolish as to neglect this sacred obligation, yet many make the act in a careless, distracted fashion. Some do not make it at all!

All the saints and holy writers attach the gravest importance to the Morning Offering.

Every morning, we may be tempted to put off our prayers until “later” or skip them altogether because we have much to do and action is where it is at. If we allow the devil to win in this very first struggle of the day, he will win many more of the battles throughout the day. Our Morning Prayers, whether they be said while nursing a baby or changing a diaper, need to be a priority and the very foundation of our daily life.

Why did the Saints love to pray? Just because they knew and they felt that they were talking to God. Therefore, far from being wearisome it was an immense joy for them to pray…

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