My 2 New Advent Books!! Coming soon! Stay tuned!

First Book: Advent & Christmas Cheerful Chats for Catholic Children

This is a unique book of Advent and Christmas stories and devotions for Catholic children. There is nothing routine and formal about these stories. They are interesting, full of warmth and dipped right out of life. These anecdotes will help children know about God, as each one unfolds a truth about the saints, the Church, the virtues, etc.

These are short faith-filled stories, within the seasons of Advent and Christmas. Each story is followed by a few questions, a prayer, and a short poem enabling the moral of each story to sink into the minds of your little ones.

The stories are only a page long so tired mothers, who still want to give that “tucking in” time a special touch, or pause a brief moment during their busy day to gather her children around her, can feel good about bringing the realities of our faith to the minds of her children in a childlike, (though not childish), way.

There is a small poem and a picture at the end of each story. Through these small stories, parents will sow seeds of our Holy Catholic Faith that will enrich their families!

Second Book: Celebrating the Twelve Days of Christmas with Your Family

This practice of doing the Twelve Days of Christmas can change your family’s Liturgical holiday life!

Why? Because it will help you make the Christmas Season festive after Christmas has arrived for those twelve specific days (with Epiphany as the 13th Day of Christmas). Knowing you have prepared for this season of Yuletide when it actually arrives will encourage you to focus on Advent more thoroughly so that once you reach the climax of that Penitential season..Christmas…you will be prepared to truly celebrate this amazing time of the Church’s Liturgical Calendar!

Each day has an activity and a lovely coloring page dedicated to it. The activities are simple and doable.

At the beginning of the book there is a checklist for the supplies so that you can gather them throughout the Advent Season. Then you will have everything ready to make the Twelve (actually thirteen, including Epiphany) Days of Christmas special!

So, when all the songs have stopped on the radio, the decorations taken down, the tree thrown out and red hearts begin to appear as everyone anxiously awaits Valentine’s Day, you and your family will be joyfully giving the Baby Jesus His proper welcome into this world!


And Now…

I’d like to offer you a Book Giveaway!!

The winner will receive these lovely books to add to your book collection!

You will get…

~My Life With Thomas Aquinas, Common Sense from St. Thomas Aquinas for Your Family…articles taken from the Integrity Magazine of the 1950’s.

The first volume of the The Integrity Series, My Life with Thomas Aquinas, is this publisher’s most popular book on everyday American family living. The chapters included are:

*Why Aren’t Americans Contemplative?  *The Age of Lay Sanctity  *Job Hunting and Vocation  *A Christian Abnormal Psychology  *About Television  *Contemporary American Protestantism  *The Science of Temptation  *Catholic Action and Responsibility  *Christian Vocation Guidance  *The Pertinence of Penance  *The Catholic Press Today  *Optimism

~ True Womanhood Maglet (Magazine/Booklet)


Travelers – True Womanhood
The Snug Safety of God’s Love
Before Embarking
Is Order in Your Life Just Around the Corner?
The Kingdom of God is Within You
Character Building – Beautiful Girlhood
The Hail Mary of a Protestant
The Wife Desired is an Inspiration to Her Husband
Learning Life Lessons in the Oddest Places
Family, Fun and Festive Fall
How to Instill Obedience
Purity in Company-Keeping
Accept Him As He Is
Ten Rules to Being Happy Parents
Have You Prayed to St. Gomer Lately?
Seven Days of Prayer for Your Marriage
Sunday Morning Stories – The Two Tears
Recipe – Spicy Chai Tea
Reflections on the Holy Family
Smorgasbord ‘n’ Smidgens


~The Precious Blood and Mother Prayer Booklet, a little book full of beautiful prayers that I have used all through my married life…

Just leave a comment here, and your name will be added! It is always great to hear from you. 🙂

I will announce the winner next Thursday, October 6th!

“There is also the question of time. Where do we find the time to participate in the Church’s liturgical year with our children? Like these other questions, the answer is, we can find it if we plan for it. We can find it quite easily by looking to see where we waste it. Not wasting it is not easy, because the habits of time-wasting, although they are harmless, are hard to break – as I know from experience. Mothers have this struggle all to themselves. It involves such things as the radio (now internet) habit, coffee breaks, long telephone conversations, chatting with neighbors, a heavy involvement in outside activities. Somewhere most American women CAN “find time” to devote to the enriching of their families’ spiritual life. The joyous discovery is that once we have struggled and found the time, tasted and seen how sweet are these pursuits together, we begin to gauge all our doings so that there will be time – because we are convinced there must be.” -Mary Reed Newland


Package Special! The Catholic Boy’s and Girl’s Traditional 30-Day Journals! Let’s keep our youth engaged in the Faith! Let’s teach them how to be organized, how to prioritize, how to keep on top of, first, the Spiritual things in their lives, and then the other daily duties that God requires of them… Available here.

The role of fatherhood — Catholic fatherhood — has been diminished in three ways. First, it has become smaller. Fewer things are defined as a father’s distinctive work. Secondly, fatherhood has been devalued. Third, and most important, fatherhood has been decultured – stripped of any authoritative social content or definition.

The question is, “What do fathers do?” The tragedy of our society is that it can’t answer the question and neither can most Catholics. Forward – thinking Integrity Magazine gives answers:

• Men, Mary, and Manliness
• The Family Has Lost Its Head
• Economics of the Catholic Family
• Afraid to Marry?
• Glorifying the Daily Grind
• The Heroism of the Big Family
• Bringing the Church into Work
• Forward to the Land.
• Holiness for Men
• The Confirmed Hero
• What Is a Grown-up?
• The Father in the Home
• A Man’s Work
• Our Work Can Help Us to Pray
• Money, Money, Money!
• The State, Our Common Good

Archbishop Sheen knew that no matter what our circumstances may be, the deadliest enemy we face is armed not with a gun but with temptation. In dangerous, uncertain times like ours, the Devil lures us quickly into lust, anger, hatred, and despair. Fulton Sheens Wartime Prayer Book will help keep you from these vices so that you, too, can put on the armor of God and triumph over evil in our day.

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