🎄Merry Christmas from Finer Femininity!


Merry Christmas from all of us at Finer Femininity!

Our family still at home:

Back: Hannah, Rosie, Angelo and Gemma

Front: Leane & Vincent

Vin and Gin’s Family:

In order:

Back: Johnathan, Antonio, Edward, Benjamin,

Middle:Emma, Vincent, David (Baby), Virginia, Nathan

Front: Annie, Peter, Juliette

Mike and Jeanette’s Family:

Back: Esther, Jeanette, Mike

Front: Elias, Tobias, Magdalene & Agnes


Dominic & Sarah’s Family:

Left to Right:

Augustine, Sarah, Baby Adele, Rita, Dominic, Lucy

Some of the couples didn’t take official Christmas pictures. We have had a lot of sickness raging among the grandchildren which has slowed some things down and other things came to a halt….like Christmas pictures. So I snagged a few to include.

Devin and Theresa’s Family:

Sophia, Brendan, Sienna, Adam, Avila and Adrian. In their PJ’s about to take a nap before Midnight Mass…


David and Margy have 2 little ones now. We were able to get this picture on Christmas Day…

Rose Elizabeth:

Sean David:

Colin and Z’s Family:

Left to Right, Front to Back:

Isaac, Grace, Jacob, Charlotte, Colin, Ethan and Zaelie

Z is in the second photo….

Sep and Molly with their family:

Left to Right, Back to Front:

Molly & Marian (Baby), Dad, Sep, Mom, Sebastian, Fabian, Cyprian, Gracian, Killian, Marcellian and Lillian

Have a wonderful Christmas season!



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