NEW! Catholic Wife’s 30 Day Coil Binder Journal!~Daily Checklist / Daily Indulgenced Prayers / Catholic Quotes / Morning & Night Prayers


Dear Devoted Wife,

Give your marriage a little refresher!

With the help of this journal, you will be disciplined in the next 30 days to write down positive, thankful thoughts. You will be thinking about good memories, special moments, the qualities you are grateful for in your husband, etc.
This will help you to appreciate your husband and will affect your marriage in a positive way. If you can carry some of these strategies into your daily life, your marriage will be much improved, which will, in turn, affect your family life in general. The effort is worth it!

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Charity towards your neighbor, tolerance for his opinions, indulgence for his defects, compassion for his errors, yes; but no cowardly and guilty concessions to human respect. Never allow fear of the ridicule or contempt of men to make you blush for your faith. -Light and Peace, Quadrupani


Intricate and Classy Hand-Crafted Kanzashi Accessory Flower.. Hair, Scarf, Shirt etc…. This fetching ribbon flower is a perfect accent to any special outfit and provides a sweet final touch! I like to wear these flowers in my hair, but they can be worn many ways!
Each petal takes undivided attention! First, it is cut and shaped, then burnt to ensure there will be no fraying. The petals are then folded and glued into a flower design and the finishing touches are then added.
The back of the flower has a clip that easily opens and holds firmly.
Ribbon flowers are an excellent alternative to real flowers and will look fresh and beautiful forever!

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The entire collection of twelve Books of Saints St. Joseph Picture Books, packaged in a handsome and sturdy slipcase….

Treasury of Novenas contains over 40 popular Novenas specifically arranged in accord with the Liturgical Year on the Feasts of Jesus, Mary, and many favorite Saints. By acclaimed author Rev. Lawrence G. Lovasik, S.V.D., this book has a rich, gold-stamped brown Dura-Lux cover and is an excellent collection of Novenas for private devotion.

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