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Emilie Barnes gives us motivation to create beautiful surroundings, which inspires our minds to have beautiful thoughts. The effects of these thoughts can’t help but flow out onto those we love, causing a domino effect of loveliness. πŸ™‚

101 Way to Clean the Clutter by Emilie Barnes

A little extra attention to your surroundings can make a big difference in how you feel. What colors lift your spirits? What kind of music makes you feel energetic or peaceful? Do any particular fragrances give you a sense of contentment or remind you of fun times?

Are any visual symbols especially meaningful to you? Maybe a flower, the face of a child, and a special book from a friend?

Do any scriptures or quotations stick in your mind? Are you getting the idea?

By surrounding yourself with color, music, fragrances, and things that appeal to you, you are lifting your spirit. When hope is all around, it’s hard to ignore.


Any room where you work is a room that needs a dose of joy and motivation.

Why do so many workrooms look gray and drab? Why not get a bright-red computer? You need function, of course, but add a little beauty too.

Paint your workroom a bright or soothing color. Hide the clutter in festively decorated boxes or baskets or behind colorful drapes. Deck the walls.

Have a collage of work-related cartoons or inspiring quotes.

Give everything a facelift. You’ll be surprised at what a difference a beautiful work space can make in your creativity and production.

Caution: Don’t redecorate someone else’s work space without checking with him or her first.


Have you thought of your family photos as a collection?

One of my tables held photos of many generations of women in our family. I displayed them in a variety of frames, and the mother-daughter-granddaughter theme pulled the collection together. No one could resist stopping and taking a peek.

Group as black-and-white photos or formal or informal in groups.

Another idea is to keep the same frames but change the photos for the seasons.

If you have a ton of photos, rotate them so you can enjoy your entire collection. And for a designer touch, add a surprise to your grouping-something that doesn’t “match,” such as that silly picture of your Aunt Lily. The idea is to share yourself with others in a way that is interesting.


Are you reluctant to share your home with others? Maybe it’s not your dream house or you don’t have the money right now to decorate the way you’d like to. But you know what? It’s not about having a perfect home. It’s about your spirit of hospitality, your willingness to share your home and your life with others.

Don’t wait until everything is perfect because that will never happen. Focus on making your home cozy and comfortable. Your place will always be at its most beautiful when you use it to warm hearts.


Making time for your husband doesn’t have to be difficult or a hassle. With a little imagination and the desire to make him happy, you can make him feel loved.

Are you thinking, Oh great, now Emilie’s telling me what I’m doing wrong with my husband.

Not at all! I just want to give you a few ideas to help you let your husband know he’s appreciated.

-When he’s within earshot, praise him to a friend or neighbor.

-Thank him for supporting you.

-Tell him how much you love him at least once every day.

-Get tickets for a favorite sporting event.

-Prepare his favorite dinner to celebrate a milestone at work-or just for fun.

We all need respect and devotion. As a wise woman of God, demonstrate these qualities to the man you love.

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Words of Wisdom, Don’t ever forget them: πŸ˜€

“Grandmas and cookies can go a long way to mending a wounded heart.”

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The Valiant Woman

by Monseigneur Landriot, Archbishop of Rheims,
Translated from the French by Helena Lyons

β€œLong out of print, this rare jewel is destined to become the favored spiritual guide for Catholic wives and mothers. Msgr. Landriot gave these conferences over 100 years ago, but they are as relevant to us today as the Gospels. This book is a guide for women who want to achieve sanctity in the home. Reading this book is the best thing you could do for your husband and children, as well as for yourself. This book was published to help women to raise and keep their families Catholic.” – Loreto Publications

Sins of the Tongue or Jealousy in Woman’s Life

by Monseigneur Landriot, Archbishop of Rheims,
Translated from the French by Helena Lyons

β€œThis book consists of fifteen discourses (four on Sins of the Tongue, three on Envy and Jealousy, two on Rash Judgments, two on Christian Patience, and four on Grace) that were originally talks given to laywomen of his diocese in the late 19th century. At the beginning the good Archbishop says Β“I propose, my children, to give you some instructions on the tongue, and the faults which it causes us to commit. I shall commence today by speaking of the power and beauty of that organ, of the noble use which ought to be made of it, and of the many advantages we may derive from it.Β” There is precious little teaching on the topics covered in these instructions which is accessible to the average man and woman of today.”  Loreto Publications

101 Ways to Clean the Clutter by Emilie Barnes

Home management expert and bestselling author Emilie Barnes comes to the aid of every clutter keeper with 101 simple ideas to rid rooms of piles, stacks, and disarray. Readers will rediscover space and peace in their home as they

  • stop making excuses for the useless items they keep
  • eliminate junk mail before it junks up a drawer
  • take back control over β€œstuff” and taste freedom
  • subtract an item before adding an item
  • reap the rewards of prioritizing time and space

Better than a how–to show, this compact resource can go anywhere a reader needs a little encouragement and lots of tips to transform clutter to cleaner at home, a friend’s house, church, or the office.

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