Man’s True World is His Home




We make the world we live in; and we weave about us webs of good or ill, which leave their impress on our souls.

From True Men As We Need Them, Fr. Bernard O’Reilly, 1893

Man’s True World is His Home

The world, which is to be to you a fairy-land where all is perpetual spring and unclouded sunshine to the soul, is your own home, as you make it; it will be the ever-present image and foretaste of that other land where joy is none, nor peace, nor love, nor hope, if you fail to fulfill these sacred home-duties which are to you the law of life.

Where there is self-caused misery within the home, there can be, for any man who has the fear of God, but little happiness or enjoyment in the wide world outside.

To a husband and a father, with a home still left to him, the roses with which pleasure would crown him outside of it, would be a crown of piercing thorns, the laurels bound round his brow would seem a diadem of flame, and the most delicious fruits of the world’s banquet would turn to ashes and bitterness in his mouth.

God, who ordained the home-virtues as the foundation of the moral world, owes it to himself and to us that no father of a family shall find solid happiness or lasting honor anywhere else than by the side of  his wife, in the midst of his children, and beneath the roof which the divine blessing has hallowed as his home.

If he has won her love, their reverence, and the admiration of the outside world, the wreath that she will weave for him will seem dearer and more enviable than the diadem of kings, the caresses of his children sweeter than the enthusiastic applause of multitudes, and the meal spread forth by love on his own table, more delicious than the viands of the gods.

How many homes have we not seen among the laboring poor where the simple, and often the scanty fare, seasoned by contentment and true love and a good conscience, was, in very truth, a foretaste of the banquet of heaven!

How truly were the mutual affection and the delight in each other that welled up in these pure, simple, brave hearts, the magnificent reward of Him whose ecstatic presence even in this life overflows hearts unoccupied by worldly affections, as the rising tide fills with its rushing waters the bare bays and creeks of the seaboard!

Learn we then to “make the world we live in,” “to dress and to keep” the paradise, “the garden of delights” we call our home.

In that twofold labor, the Divine Author of man’s being would not have him to be alone: He gives the man of the world a companion, a helpmate, a friend, dear, devoted, and to be cherished beyond all that is not God.

The true man’s first duty, after God, is to his wife.

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“What is man without a home? More helpless and wretched than the beast, the fowl, or the insect. He is both the enemy and the prey of every creature on the face of the earth. But with a home, which he has labored to create, or to preserve and perfect, which he lights up with the lofty examples of his life, where—like God Himself in the world—he only lives to do good and make others good and happy, where the love he gives is returned to him a hundred-fold by the dear ones who owe him everything—is not man a most God-like being?” -Rev. Bernard O’Reilly, True Men As We Need Them: A Book of Instruction for the Men in the World

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