A School Activity ~ DIY Colorful Pennant Border for Your Children!


I am getting ready to teach some of my grandchildren this year and I always like to think of fun things we can do to decorate our “classroom” and to keep the children engaged while working with one of the other students. So I came up with this idea and thought I would share it with you…

These are pennant borders for the classroom that are simple and the kids can make themselves. What child doesn’t like to color? And when their coloring efforts are displayed in the classroom, how satisfying is that?

The Pennants

Supplies needed:

*My Pennant Series (links below)

This is the School Pennant Series

This is the Fall Pennant Series

This is the Religious Pennant Series


*Crayons or Pencil Crayons (We used pencil crayons)


*Hole Punch


I used light cardstock to print the pennants out.

The children color them….

After they are colored, they cut them out on the triangular outline….

Punch out the holes for the ribbon…

Insert the ribbon through the holes and tie it. I left about 1 – 2 inches between each pennant….

You can switch these pennants up according to the season or to your tastes.

Mix and match as you like to make an interesting, colorful and fun pennant. And now you have a lovely homemade border for your schoolroom! Enjoy!

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