Can a Housewife Cast Out Demons?


by Leane VanderPutten

The other day, I listened to a video by three exorcists. Maybe you, too, have listened to videos where exorcists have explained some of their work.

It is truly profound, what they have to deal with, and it is hard for the ordinary man to wrap his head around. Astonishing (and disturbing) events, huge spiritual consolations, extraordinary healings….Exorcists reach into a world that all of us know about but rarely experience.

When listening to this video, something struck me. The priests were talking about their lives. As they did, I noticed that they did not stress the extraordinary. There wasn’t mention of it, really.

In other instances, they have talked about some of their extraordinary experiences…ones that open our eyes to the reality of this part of the spiritual world…the dangers and the miracles.

But in this particular video, they talked about their life as a community. And how… It wasn’t extraordinary. It was doing the little things every day…saying their prayers, meeting together as a community, doing their daily duties, etc., that made up most of their life.

They mentioned that this is how their lives play out in the everyday…, and it’s not extraordinary. It is doing God’s will in the little things at every moment. That is where they gain their strength and their spiritual power to overcome huge obstacles when they do encounter them.

As I was listening to this, I thought of my own life.

The other day, I was talking to some elderly ladies at a coffee shop. When they found out that I have 11 children and 42 grandchildren, their mouths dropped open, and their eyes got wide!

To these ladies, to live such a life is extraordinary! It’s big! And I guess, in this day and age, it truly is. I think that anyone who lives a serious Catholic life, no matter how many children and grandchildren they have, is extraordinary.

Yes, it is remarkable to have a large family and many grandchildren. It’s exceptional to have them all value the faith and to have strong family bonds.

But, like the exorcists, this is not accomplished by doing huge things. No. It is accomplished by doing the little things. It is achieved by sacrificing each day to bring order, joy, and faith to our family.

It is accomplished by getting up in the morning and dropping to our knees…and getting our children to do the same.

It is accomplished by making meals for our family and by trying to keep order in the house. It is achieved by making sure our children are getting a Catholic education.

I know how big these things really are. I also know that the results are from the little choices every day. It’s simple but not easy and we may not see the reward right away. And it will not be perfect…life never is and Our Lord knows our humanness.

It is the effort and the goodwill that counts.

You will look back after 20 or 30 years of little choices and see that you have done something extraordinary.

Like those exorcists who, when called upon, cast demons forth, you, little housewife, will see that you have also cast demons out….just by making the right choices each day.

You have provided a fertile ground in your children’s lives to choose the light, rather than the darkness in the ordinary, everyday happenings in your lives. The demons tremble and flee at these choices.

So, can an obscure housewife cast out demons? Yes, in a way she can. Or more rightly we can say that she can prevent them from getting a foothold in her family’s life.

By putting on the Armor of Christ each day and teaching our family to do the same, we are using the means the Church has given us to cast out demons. Our Morning and Night prayers, our daily rosary, our scapular, our medals, our holy water…these will keep the evil spirits at bay and provide a place where the light shines each day!

Let us pray to Our Lady, the most exemplary housewife, the one who knew the secret to casting out demons, that we may make the right choices each day…that we will have the grace to persevere in doing the mundane tasks as we look towards our goal…those tasks that will be our ticket…and our family’s…to heaven.

Sanctity is found by doing the duties that unfold before us each day – doing our housework, raising children, taking care of parents as they age, paying those bills that are ever with us, helping neighbors, and practicing our Faith. The formula for holiness doesn’t need to be searched for; it finds you, in the duties that come up each day in the path of ordinary life. -Finer Femininity, Painting by Morgan Weistling

When we are on our deathbed, it won’t be how much we have accomplished, how clean our house is or how many Christmas cookies we baked…. It will be: Do I go to the door to greet my husband when he comes home? Do I take the time to listen to him? Did I take time out to look and listen when the kids were talking to me? Did I read them a bedtime story? Did I make sure they said their prayers? These are the priorities…


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