A Gallery! Thanksgiving, The Stable, St. Nicholas, Etc., 2021


The following is a gallery of our latest doings. What a blessing this season has been so far! It has been enhanced by the memory of last year at this time when talk of viruses, masks and lockdowns were the status quo. Maybe this is still the case for you and I’m sorry if it is. I know that the hard times serve to give us a deeper appreciation of daily life, of the little things that dot each day with wonder and joy.

This season is a season of delight, of expectation and of goodwill. Enjoy it to the fullest with your families. Teach them to love God through living the Liturgy within your homes. This will strengthen and deepen their Catholic Faith and it will serve them well as they navigate their own way through this vale of joy and of tears….

Click on the first picture below to view the gallery. Don’t forget to read the captions.

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